• Touch Display

    A perfect synthesis of beauty, function, and ergonomy. Only one area to access all functions of the machine

  • Steam/hot water

    Hot water at the perfect temperature is instantly accessible for tea, American coffee, or even just to warm the cup, in addition a powerful vapor jet to best whip up the milk, or heat up liquids in seconds

  • Adjustable tray

    Height-adjustable tray for comfortable use of cups and glasses of various shapes and sizes

  • Cup warmer

    The right temperature is essential for enhancing the pleasure of drinking good coffee

  • Professional function

    Through an advanced heating system and while subjected to pressure, the water is delivered at a controlled and constant temperature to guarantee ideal coffee-making conditions

  • Made in Italy

    Machine designed and entirely manufactured in Italy using high quality materials

Espresso Machine: New SZ

the ultimate taste experience

Both our passion for coffee and our research technology lead to the details that make a difference.

The new SZ is not just a new capsulized coffee machine, but the result of research design and technology that sets a new standard.
A synthesis of the excellence of Segafredo Zanetti’s mix with top technical performance simply guarantees excellent coffee, with all the cream and flavor of a real italian espresso.

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Designed to enhance the exclusive qualities of the coffee mix of the Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System, the New SZ is the perfect choice for a unique and unparralleled taste experience.

The boiling water nozzle is always ready to make real herbal, fruit or black teas that tick all the boxes, or for frothing milk for a quickly made cappuccino.


  • Manual adjustment

  • Auto adjustment

  • Brewing mode P

  • Hot water

  • Steam

Technical data

Technical characteristics

Voltage: a) 230V CA 50Hz / b) 110V CA 60Hz
Output: a) 1548 W b) 1248 W

Water reservoir capacity: 2 litri
Coffee capsule holder capacity: 25 capsule
Dimensions (l x h x w): 31 x 37 x 34 cm
Depth 34 cm with the cup support inserted
Weight empty: 10,7 Kg