• Great design, small size

    MZ is a capsule coffee maker that fits snugly into any location.

  • High tech, easy to use

    The technology has given MZ a perfect blend of quality, good looks and practicality.

  • Made in Italy

    MZ quality does not stop with its coffee as it entrusts its technology 100% Made in Italy to La San Marco, leading company in the group for the production of professional machines. Machine with in-built water softener for excellent espressos every time, even in hard water areas.

Espresso Machine: MZ

More taste, zero space

Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System presents MZ, the new coffee maker that uses coffee capsules and delivers an excellent espresso wherever you are. MZ is pleasing on the eye and stimulates your taste buds. The pleasure starts from the moment you decide where to put your coffee maker to enjoy ever y coffee break.

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Great design, small size

MZ is a capsule coffee maker that fits snugly into any location. With a height, width and depth of just 24 cm the contemporary design is extremely compact. MZ can be installed anywhere and is a very efficient way to make great espresso. Just put a capsule into the coffee maker and press the button.




Technical data

Technical characteristics

Voltage: 230V CA 50Hz - 110V CA 60 Hz
Output: 748 W
Dimensions (l x h x w): 24 x 24 x 24 cm
Water tank capacity: 1,2 litri
Coffee capsule drawer capacity: 14 capsule
Weight empty: 5,6 Kg