Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System

The company opened in 2004 in Conscio (Treviso). Founded by Matteo Zanetti, Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System produces coffee capsules and pods.

Coffee System is the result of Coffee Service’ desire to compete on the constantly developing world market.

Coffee is packaged in two separate ranges, capsules and pods. With Coffee System, Segafredo Zanetti has relied on the strong points that makes it the undisputed leader in espresso coffee.

A network of Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System agents work to sell and promote the Coffee Service program all over Italy.

The company in Conscio also coordinates all international marketing activities for the development of the Coffee System project worldwide, also through the companies belonging to the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group.

The Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System is not just coffee in capsules and pods, but products in powders for cocoa-flavoured drinks, sold under the Segafredo Zanetti Selection brand are prepared, and feeze-dried coffees are also packed.

Aroma, flavour and passions: the original ingredients of a great Espresso Coffee

A good coffee reawakens your senses. Its aroma promises what its flavour contains: the different notes and nuances, depending on the origin of the blend…all with the same authentic passion.

A good espresso is the result of an age-old ritual that technology has rendered simply perfect.

After one, a hundred or even a thousand coffees, the espresso taste enclosed in these handy, exclusive single dose capsules is unchanged, guaranteeing the same high quality you’d find in a café.

Now you can prepare an espresso coffee with the same professionalism and speed at home, in the office or anywhere you want a truly pleasurable break.